Anna Sweet

Introducing “Liquid”: a line of photorealistic aerial ocean scenes by Artist Anna Sweet.

Inspired by the many beaches Sweet has scouted throughout her years of shooting underwater images with a camera..

These original works are created by mixing resin and a combination of acrylic pigments and minerals.  The colors are manipulated and spread across wooden art panels producing effects of lacing and webbing that mimic the serenity and life of our oceans.  Each piece is layered with levels of color and translucent resin providing the viewer with a stunning three dimensional representation of the sea, as seen from above.  They are signed on the back by the Artist.

We have many sizes from her smallest, 8” X 8” X 1” up to 24” X 36” X 1”.  All of them are Original pieces, and unique unto themselves.  

Please note the two “black sand” pieces, both 11” H X 14” wide, and are reminiscent of the volcanic beaches of the Big Island, Hawaii.

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